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Dim Sum review – Miramar Hotel Orient Ocean Restaurant

Went for Dim Sum buffet this afternoon with my bro cause he felt like giving me a nice treat. The guy ordered way too much Dim Sum for both of us to finish! Just look at the pics!

Dim Sum 3.JPG Dim Sum 1.JPG

Anyway, back to the food. I became quite hooked onto dim sum in the recent couple of months, and have personally been eating dim sum from various restaurants, kopitiams and hawker centres.

Before I got hooked to eating dim sum, my most frequent source of dim sum had always been Orient Ocean, simply because it is a buffet and the price is relatively low.

However, after having dined at famous dim sum places, I realized one thing – Orient Ocean’s dim sum suck big time. Even though the prawn items contain more than one prawn each, and the servings are relatively bigger compared to other places, the meat is bland and tasteless, and I find myself having to eat the dim sum with chilli sauce in order to force the food down my throat. I never eat dim sum with any sauce/dipping!

Until the time comes when I have to treat someone else to dim sum, I doubt I will be visiting Orient Ocean again anytime soon.

P.S. I might re-use this review for The Commoner’s Foodcast’s blog.